Current Campaign: Reducing the Number of People with Mental Illness in Jail

To ensure that the budget-funding targeted for reducing the number of those with mental illness in jail is producing results, we need a new intervention with ongoing assessment of needs and community capacity for treatment and services.

This year LA, Merced, Sonoma, and 270 other counties implemented exactly this kind of this intervention. They responded to an action plan that provides an implementation “toolkit” and produces measurable outcomes. The initiative is called STEPPING UP: A National Initiative to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jails. It is more than a vague promise for reform; it focuses on developing an actionable plan. Click here to read more.

The Stepping Up Initiative
Stepping Up Iniative

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CLUE SB is a network of inter-faith community leaders and members organized to address the root causes of local economic injustices to those marginalized in SB county.

Our current justice work includes:
  • Those with mental illness
  • Immigrants
  • Those without homes
  • Those harmed by damage to the environment
  • Low wage workers and their families
Pray, learn, and act to find solutions to injustices for our marginalized neighbors.

PRAY in public and privately that our faith communities develop a stronger connection between our spiritual and faith values and our call to care for those marginalized.

LEARN how economic injustices impact the lives of our marginalized neighbors and how our own action or inaction contributes to economic injustices.

ACT: Champion CLUE SB justice work in your faith community; participate in campaign action options; advocate and witness publically to a call for change in local policies; help build coalitions.