People Impacted by the
Broken Criminal Justice System

CLUE SB advocates for the elimination of injustices in the county jail system. CLUE SB also networks with faith communities in seeking to reduce the number of people with mental illness in our county jail and provide alternative community housing and treatment.

CLUE Santa Barbara Justice Work for People Impaced by the Broken Criminal Justice System

Current Campaign

June 2016 Letter sent to Board of Supervisors by supporters joining CLUE Action Supporters, and read at Budget Meeting: Click here for PDF.

CLUE SB is requesting funding in the 2016-2018 budget cycle for safe and effective alternatives to jail for those with mental illness who don’t belong there. Our county has made no measurable progress in reducing this jail population. We know funding enough housing, with services and treatment options targeting this population’s needs, is essential. But this is not enough. We need to ensure the budget funding targeted for reducing the number of those with mental illness in jail is producing results. We need a new intervention with ongoing assessment of their needs and community capacity for treatment and services.

This year LA, Merced, Sonoma, and 270 other counties implemented exactly this kind of this intervention. They responded to an action plan that provides an implementation “toolkit” and produces measurable outcomes. The initiative is called STEPPING UP: A National Initiative to Reduce the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jails. It is more than a vague promise for reform; it focuses on developing an actionable plan. Click here to read more. County elected officials are being asked to pass a resolution and work with other leaders (e.g., the sheriff, district attorney, treatment providers), and people with mental illnesses on the following six actions:

  • Convene a diverse team of leaders and decision makers from multiple agencies committed to safely reducing the number of people with mental illnesses in jails.

  • Collect and review numbers and assess individuals’ needs to better identify adults entering jails with mental illnesses and their recidivism risk.

  • Examine treatment and service capacity.

  • Develop a plan with measurable outcomes that draws on the jail assessment & data and the examination of available treatment & service capacity.

  • Implement research-based approaches that advance the plan.

  • Create a process to track progress.

March 2016 • What has happened to the ADMHS Revenue?
Click to read • Housing Empowerment Action and Recovery Team (HEART)
Click to read • Two proposals for 5 Year Plans in previous years supported by CLUE SB. This is the SCALE we hope to see in this year's plan.
Click to read • HEART Data presented to the Board of Supervisors:
Click to read • Cook County initiative for diverting those with mental illness in jail to alternatives
Click to read • Marion County nearly halves recidivism rate in 5 Years! (That is visionary leadership at the county level!)
Click to read

January 11, 2016
Letter to the Board of Supervisors:
On September 8th, 2015, the Board voted to create a position for and hire a Grievance Coordinator to oversee complaints relating to the provision of health care services coming from inmates. We encourage you to act now on your decision. It will ensure the adequate provision of health services for our friends... CLICK TO READ MORE

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Success in 2013-14
  • Awarded a Santa Barbara Foundation Grant to research alternatives to jail for those with mental illness.


  • Organized petition to County Supervisors with 800 signatures seeking budget allocations for funding alternatives to jail.

  • Organized with Families ACT an action at the April 1 County Board Meeting: (1) presentation of the CLUE SB report and (2) speakers including: clergy and faith members, a mental health client, and families with children with mental illness. Click to read article in The Independent, April 2014: Calls for Treatment Not Incarceration Dominate Tuesday’s Board Hearing.

  • Results: Formation of the HEART Action Team within the Mental Health Dept. to develop a report on the countywide need and recommendations for diverse supportive housing plan and budgets for implementation.

Current Campaign 2015-16
  • Represent faith communities on the Housing and Recovery Action Team (HEART), collaborating with ADMHS in developing strategic long range planning for housing and increased supportive services for persons with mental illness.
    Click here to view HEART's 5 Year Plan Recommendation to ADMHS Department.

  • Help HEART research, write policies, recommendations for 2015-16 budget.

  • Redirect funding from County Law Enforcement budget for Corizon jail services for mental illness to ADMHS supportive housing.

  • Organize faith community action to again support this alternative in the spring 2015 county budget cycle.

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