People Harmed by the Environment

CLUE SB advocates for policies and regulations that mitigate human activities which pose threats to Earth’s Climate and those most at risk from the effects of climate change.

CLUE Santa Barbara Justice Work for People Harmed by the Environment

Current Campaign

As people of faith, we believe that responding to the urgent threat of climate change is essential to caring for God's creation and loving our neighbors.

Clean Energy: Our city set an ambitious goal and now we must work to ensure they implement a truly clean energy program that includes local wind and solar projects.

We look forward to being a part of meaningful community participation with local non-profits, our elected officials and the broader community in implementation of this goal.

Action Alerts & Updates

Recent & Completed

Campaigns in 2014

  • Endorsed and supported Measure P:
    Attended Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Meeting with letters of support
    Emailed CLUE SB information on Measure P
  • Took part in Exxon Pipeline Demonstration

Current Campaign 2015-2016

GOALS 2015-16:
  • Advocate for county zero GHG emissions threshold for new oil and gas projects, at the county level.
  • Strengthen the coalition of concerned Santa Barbara County residents
  • Work toward a policy that will protect our communities from dangerous oil and gas extraction.